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Collaborate & Join

Once you have had a chance to learn a bit about the Asian hornet problem and to appreciate how it might impact you, your family, your friends and your colleagues - whether this year or the next - and you have participated in a community presentation or just seen a presentation on line or talked with volunteers etc, we hope that you decide you want to keep in touch as the situation continues to change.  

We also hope that you will want to collaborate and help in your community.  There are many with bright ideas about who to engage and how best to do it.  You may have ideas of your own that you want to share.  Or you may have some difficult questions that need answering.  We want to hear from you.

We also welcome Asian hornet volunteers who are not beekeepers to come and join the SDBKA Asian Hornet Team.  We need lots of volunteers, particularly for the following roles:

  • Track and Trace.  This involves tagging hornets to see where they go so we can find their nests.

  • Verifiers.  The NBU may task our AHT to send a registered and trained verifier to confirm a sighting or a nest that has been reported, really does involve Asian Hornets.

  • Trapping.  These volunteers maintain our Trapping Plan, deploy the traps, monitor them and ensure they are operating correctly, whether this is for queens in the spring or workers in the summer and early autumn.  They also catch and kill Asian Hornets.   In due course, a couple of our members may also be licensed to release trapped Asian Hornets, specifically to help locate a nest.  

  • Community support.  These SDBKA members support local communities with expert beekeeping and, where they can, hornet advice and information. 


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